Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Windows Live Writer-write posts offline

‘I’ve known Windows Live Writer from a long time ago, but why bother using it?’ you ask. The answer is quite simple: While some of you are blessed with a full 24 hour a day internet connection, some of us may not be that lucky. In some (developing) countries, internet bills are not a set price. It costs several bucks per hour you use or per MB you download. So you see, the more time we spent typing posts on the Blogger’s editor, the more expensive your internet bill will become.

If you are in that condition, Windows Live Writer can save you a few dollars per month. You can type your post offline, save it, and then publish them the next time you get online. Take your time, you can spent several hours typing as many post as you like in the Live Writer, and publishing it all at once only in the matter of minutes.

Ok, enough talking for now and let’s get started with Live Writer. First of all, if you haven’t done so, is to download and install the Windows Live Writer. Download it at http://download.live.com/writer. After you finish installing it, run the application. If this is your first time launching it, you will be guided through the initial setup. Just follow the given instructions. You’ll need to provide your blog URL, email, and the password, and it will connect to your blog automatically. When you have finished the setup, you can just start typing. Here is a screenshot of the Live Writer when I am typing this post.


Now you can ‘blog your heart out’ as stated in the download page. Just remember, after you finished typing your post, you can either save it or publish it directly (click ‘Publish’ on the toolbar or press Ctrl+Shift+P). Oh, one more thing, you can setup more than one blog account in Windows Live Writer, just click ‘Blog > Add blog account…’ on the menu bar. Enjoy!

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