Saturday, January 17, 2009

Firefox Addons: ScribeFire

Any of you are currently using Firefox? Yeah, I know that Firefox is one of the best browser in the world (if not the best). But did you know that you can still extend it by installing the ScribeFire addon? I tumbled upon it today while browsing the Mozilla Addons archive. After a while I realized that this addon is definitely for us bloggers! It allows you to write new posts practically anywhere on the web, so it could save us some time. Just launch the addon, type your post in, and publish it, without even logging in to your dashboard! Here is a screenshot of it:

Ok, the first thing you do after installing it is of course, restart Firefox. After the browser have successfully restarted, press F8 or click on the ScribeFire icon on the status bar (the one like a notepad with a pencil). If this is your first time firing it up, you should be guided to sync ScribeFire with your Blogger account; enter your BlogSpot url and hit Next. Then finish the remaining steps. That's all, now you can start blogging anywhere just by clicking the ScribeFire icon.

Note: Thanks to Christopher Finke for creating this wonderful addon! I owe you one :)

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