Monday, December 29, 2008

Add random text gadget

Do you want to make a random, always-changing, text? Maybe its a quote of the day, or maybe it's a list of random tips. Anyway, let us begin.

First of all prepare your text. It is preferable to use not more than 3 sentences. After you do so open in your browser. You should see a plain white site with many blanks to fill in. Now, fill in the 'Widget Title' with the title of your widget (quotes of the day, etc) and the rest 10 blank (that is, message 1, message 2, and so on) with your quotes/tips. Then hit the 'Generate Code' at the bottom of the page. The large box in the bottom should be filled up with Javascript code.

Your next step is to copy the code, go to your dashboard, click layout, and on the Page element tab click 'add a gadget'. Scroll down till you find the 'HTML' gadget. Hit the + button to add it to your blog. Then a window should pop up. Fill in the 'Content' with the code you copy earlier, hit 'Save' and position the gadget wherever it fits you. That's it, now you have a random text gadget!

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